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Aluminum Painting Easel - 170 cm with a cover

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Aluminium Painting Easel
Lightweight and stable aluminum easel
3-segment adjustable feet
Feet with self-leveling non-slip elements
Cover included
Super light and stable aluminum easel. Thanks to the height adjustment, you can work outdoors without bending over.

The 3-segment adjustable legs provide precise height adjustment of the easel. Adjustable Image Holder Height - With one movement of the clamp, it can be adjusted for the height and thickness of the image.

The feet are finished with self-leveling non-slip elements for a perfect fit, even on uneven surfaces.

The kit includes a carrying case that protects the tripod and makes it easy to carry. It has a foot lock, so you can place it in difficult conditions in a small area. The permanently mounted hook allows the ballast to be suspended and increases the weight of the set, which can improve performance in strong winds.


black color
material: aluminum
maximum height: 170 cm
stable height: 93-166.5 cm
lid dimensions (height / width): 52x10cm
mounting distance: 0-44 cm
base width: 46.2 cm
weight: ~ 950 g


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